Recycle christmas trees – organically!

Christmas tree recycling is becoming increasing popular in the UK. Find out how to recycle Christmas trees with Essex Turf Supplier, Paynes Turf.

Use as a Bird Feeder

Remove all the decorations and place your Christmas tree in your garden and use it as a bird feeder. The branches will offer the birds protection and you can use them to hang your bird feeders and fat balls. After a year, the branches will become brittle and you can break up the branches by hand.

Use as a mulch

Place your broken branches into a shredder and turn them into mulch. You can use the mulch in your garden.

How to recycle Christmas trees Paynes Turf

Christmas trees make great bird feeders and mulch!









Reap the benefits

Using mulch will inhibit weed germination, lock-in soil moisture, keep plants cool in the summer and keep roots warm in the winter.

Be green and recycle your Christmas tree this year!