Topsoil Suppliers

Are you looking for topsoil suppliers? At Paynes Turf we specialise in providing quality topsoil, including Premium Blended Loam, 6mm Fine Loam, and Soil Improver, for all your landscaping projects. Find out more about our range of soil products and how to order them with advice from Paynes Turf.

Quality Topsoil Suppliers Paynes Turf

Premium Blended Loam

This high quality, multi purpose soil is ideal for preparing the ground under turf, as it will give new turf the best possible chance of establishing quickly. Premium Blended Loam is a sandy loam which doesn’t contain any stones. It’s also easy to rake, making it perfect for building up levels and evening out the ground. If your border plants aren’t looking their best, add Premium Blended Loam to the beds to give plants a growth boost.

6mm Fine Loam

Ideal to use as a dressing, our 6mm Fine Loam is packed full of essential nutrients and will help to restore and renew growth quickly. It’s also great for levelling out surfaces and enhancing drainage. If your lawn is looking a little tired, rake or sprinkle our 6mm fine loam over the grass to enhance your lawn and bring it back to life.

Soil Improver

Our quality soil improver does exactly what it says on the tin – it will improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil. So what does this mean? Well, simply put, it will enhance the structure, drainage qualities, and water and air holding properties of any soil, and will promote the healthy growth of grass and plants. Plus, when used as a mulch, our soil improver will help to prevent erosion and weeds. It’s perfect for tree and shrub planting too, as well as herbaceous and bedding borders.

How to order

Our soils are available in 0.73 cubic metre bags. Not sure how much you need? Then check out our topsoil and wood bark quantity calculator by clicking here. Place your order over the phone or online, and your products will be delivered quickly using our reliable delivery service, on a day convenient to you.