Problem: Brown patches on lawn?  Paynes TurfProblem: Brown patches on lawn. If your lawn suffers with brown patches from time to time, fear not – although there could be several different reasons for this, they are all easily remedied. From dog urine to over-feeding, our lawns are abused on a daily basis, but thankfully recover well.

Dog urine

Dog urine contains concentrated nitrogen, which can burn the lawn. An easy way to stop your lawn turning patchy from your pets is to create a place in your garden with pea shingle or mulch, and encourage your furry friends to do their business there!

Time for a service?

If you have noticed brown patches after mowing your lawn, it could mean that you need to service your mower! Dull mower blades damage the grass by shearing off the ends, rather than cutting them, and eventually results in dead, brown grass. Try sharpening your mower blades, or take them to a lawnmower service centre for a professional sharpen.

Put your lawn on a diet!

Larger brown patches could indicate that your lawn has been overfed. To remedy this, soak the burned patches every 3 days with water, for at least a month. Avoid feeding the lawn again during this time, until the lawn has fully recovered.