Preparing ground for turf Paynes Turf

Quick guide to preparing ground for turf.

Your newly turfed lawn will only be as good as the preparation you put into it, so it’s well worth putting in a little extra hard work beforehand to get the best results.

The first job is to remove the existing turf. You can use a spade to do this, by under-cutting the turf, or to save a lot of backbreaking work, you could hire a turf stripper.

The entire area needs to be dug over with a garden fork, removing all signs of weeds, stones and other debris. You can hire a rotavator to do this work for you, but equally good results can come from using a garden fork if you have the energy! Take care to remove all the roots you find during this process or you may get random plants appearing in your new lawn!

Rake over the whole area to make it even and flat. Tread lightly over the soil with your feet to firm down. Repeat the whole process again, raking and firming, but make sure you don’t compact the soil.

It’s a good idea at this stage to spread our Premium Blended Loam over the surface, which will give the turf nutrients and encourage strong growth. You can even lightly rake in a pre-turfing fertiliser to encourage a good root system in your growing turf.

Finally, give the ground a good watering and you’re now ready to order your turf.