If you’re looking for premium topsoil for your landscaping project, Paynes Turf has everything you need to complete the job. With three grades of quality topsoils and bark, our products are designed to complement each other to cover a multitude of requirements, and we offer fast and reliable delivery across Essex & Suffolk at a time convenient to you.

Premium Blended Loam Top Soil

Our multi-purpose premium blended loam is a great all-rounder. It’s ideal to use as a firm base to prepare the ground when laying turf, can be easily raked and levelled, and gives new turf a great start for growth. It’s also perfect for building up levels, border soil improvement, and flower beds.

Sandy Loam

Our premium grade sandy loam is rich in nutrients and can be used for a number of landscaping applications. Primarily used to enhance drainage and to level out surfaces, this incredibly fine loam can also be used to regenerate turf growth and restore bare patches in lawns.

Soil Improver

Our quality soil improver is certified by Organic Farmers & Growers under the Evaluation Scheme and accredited to PAS100:2005 – 2011 and the Compost Quality Protocol. Produced from composted biodegradable materials, it contains valuable micro-organisms that improve the characteristics and structure of topsoil. It’s ideal to use when planting up trees and shrubs, as well as herbaceous and bedding borders. It can also be used as a mulch to help prevent erosion and suppress weed growth.

Border Bark

Our multi-purpose bark is ideal for a number of landscaping projects. Durable and long-lasting, our premium quality bark can be used as a mulch, in borders, and is safe to use as a play bark. A layer of bark will help to suppress weed growth and help to insulate the soil to avoid damage to plants from extreme heat or cold.

How to buy our topsoil

Our topsoil and bark products are supplied in 0.73m³ bags. To buy give our friendly team a call on 01255 830325 and we will find the most convenient delivery date and time slot for you. If you need topsoil for next day delivery we can often fulfil requests if they are made before 2 pm.