Laying new turf can mean a significant outlay, so it’s wise to know exactly what you’re doing in order to look after your investment – in short, keep it alive! To keep your turf as green and healthy as the day it was laid, follow our top 5 tips for laying turf.Our top 5 tips on laying turf Paynes Turf

Tip 1. Prepare the ground well

Good soil preparation is essential to achieve an even, flat, healthy lawn. Your newly laid lawn will only look as good as the preparation that was put into the soil, so it’s well worth putting a little extra time in now to ensure an excellent finished result. When preparing the ground before laying turf, rake in a good nutrient-filled soil such as our Premium Blended Loam to encourage strong root growth. Ensure the entire area is flat and even before laying the turf. Check out our article on how to prepare the ground before laying turf here.

Tip 2. Water the ground before laying the turf

After the ground has been prepared, water the soil thoroughly using a hosepipe at least a day before laying the new turf. This will provide essential water for the roots of the new turf, which will encourage the turf to establish quickly.

Tip 3. Lay the turf as soon as it’s delivered

New turf must be laid immediately after delivery. Turf is a living thing and will deteriorate very quickly without essential air and water which it requires to survive. Always prepare the ground well in advance of ordering your new turf to ensure it is laid straight away for the best possible results.

Tip 4. Water immediately after laying

As soon as you have laid your new turf, water immediately. During warm, dry weather the turf will dry out very quickly so it may be necessary to water the turf after you lay each section. When the new turf has been laid, water thoroughly with a hose or sprinkler system. Water must soak through to the soil below the turves – you can check this by lifting a corner of the turf.

 Tip 5. Mow as soon as the turf is established

Mowing encourages the grass to establish good strong roots, so begin to mow your lawn as soon as it has begun to establish. You can check this by trying to lift the turf with your hands – if there is some resistance you can carefully mow the lawn. If the turf lifts away easily, leave it for a few more days to establish before mowing. Only cut off the top quarter of the grass blades for the first few cuts – you will have to adjust the setting on your mower accordingly. Always follow the golden rule for mowing grass after the first few cuts – never cut more than a third off the top of the grass blades.