Guide to looking after new turf

Have you just finished laying a new lawn? Newly laid turf will require your attention over the next few weeks so that it stays as fresh and as green as the day it was laid – after all, it is a living plant. Find out how to care for your new lawn with our guide on looking after new turf.

Looking after new turf Paynes Turf

Water every day

The most important thing to remember when looking after new turf is to water it. As soon as it’s laid (and we mean immediately!) you’ll need to soak it thoroughly so that the water seeps right the way through the turf and into the soil below. Remember to treat new turf the same as you would a new plant – water well every day until the plant has established. If you don’t, the grass will quickly dry out and then die just like any other garden plant.

How much water should I add?

The roots of the new turf need to bed-in to the ground below in order for the turf to survive. You’ll need to add enough water so that it reaches the roots of the turf. To check, lift up a corner of the new turf after you have watered it, check if there is evidence of water and then place it firmly back in position once you’ve finished. You’ll get to know how much to water the new turf after a couple of days of watering and checking, especially if you time how long it takes. Remember that healthy roots will result in strong, beautiful, durable grass.

Looking after new turf Paynes Turf

How often should I water?

Water every morning for at least the first two weeks. You may need to water the lawn in the evening as well, if the weather is very dry and hot. After the first two weeks, water the lawn every other day for a week or so.

How will I know if the turf has established?

Check if the turf has established by trying to lift up the turf with your hand – if it pulls away easily then the roots haven’t bonded with the soil below, so you’ll need to keep watering it for a few more days. If there is resistance when you try to lift the turf, this means that the roots of the turf have grown into the soil below and the turf has established.

Looking after new turf Paynes Turf

When should I mow?

Generally speaking you shouldn’t try to mow your new lawn until it has established. This could take anything from a week to two weeks, but you must check if the turf has bedded in with the soil below before mowing. Don’t leave your new lawn to grow too long before mowing – little and often is the best way to keep your new lawn in tiptop condition. Always remember the golden rule of mowing – never cut more than a third off the top of the grass.