Keeping turf rolls fresh

It’s important to lay newly delivered turf as soon as possible to ensure that the turf stays fresh; after all turf is a living thing and shouldn’t be left to deteriorate. However, laying plans can sometimes be set back, for example due to bad weather. So the question is, for how long can turf rolls be kept fresh?

For how long do turf rolls stay fresh? Paynes Turf

What should I do with my turf upon delivery?

Our turf is cut the day before or the day of delivery to ensure it arrives in peak condition. This will give the turf a helping hand to establish quickly and ultimately form a perfect lawn.

It’s a good idea to store your newly delivered turf in a shady place if possible, and to keep it moist. If the weather is particularly hot and dry the turf rolls should be unrolled and watered frequently to prevent them from drying out.

What happens if I can’t lay my turf the day it’s delivered?

Problems arise if the laying process is delayed, so never order your turf unless you are ready to lay it. The turf could suffer from a lack of moisture and air, which will delay the process of the turf establishing to the soil below, and hamper it’s chances of producing a thick green sward.

If laying the turf is delayed for reasons out of your control, for example in the case of severe weather conditions, unroll the turf upon delivery to ensure that adequate light can reach it, and then water it well.

How long can turf rolls be kept fresh?

During the summer months it’s crucial to unroll the turf and water it upon delivery. In addition, the turf must be laid on the same day as delivery, ideally within 12 hours. The cooler and wetter weather during spring, winter and autumn allows a 24-hour window in which laying can take place.

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