Many people think that it’s not possible to lay turf in the winter. In fact, winter is actually a great time to lay turf because there is usually a good amount of rainfall and the turf will have plenty of time to establish before the onset of spring. Find out all there is to know about laying turf in winter with helpful advice from Paynes Turf.Laying turf in winter Paynes Turf

Turf can be laid all year round, so if you ran out of time during the year to returf your lawn, November could be a great time to do it, providing the soil is not too wet or frosty. One of the advantages of laying turf in the winter is with the probability of a good amount of rainfall and cool temperatures, the turf will need very little watering, if any at all. This could save homeowners, particularly those on a water meter, lots of money to spend (or save!) elsewhere.

Another advantage of laying turf in winter is that the turf rolls will remain fresher for longer. When your turf rolls arrive unroll them immediately if you can, but definitely within 24 hours of delivery. This will keep the turf rolls fresh for a couple of extra days just in case you are unable to lay the turf, due to bad weather for example.

The turf will have plenty of time to establish through the winter period and will grow very little, as grass usually remains dormant through this period, which will mean less mowing. When spring arrives, treat the grass as you normally would, by mowing in stages until the desired length is achieved. But, as always, remember to never cut more than a third off the top of the grass blades at any one time.