Laying turf during the winter months

Laying turf during the winter months is possible, providing that the ground isn’t too wet, frosty, or covered in snow. In fact, there are a number of benefits to laying turf in winter – find out what they are, and discover helpful tips when laying turf in winter, from Essex turf grower and supplier Paynes Turf.

Laying turf during winter Paynes Turf

The benefits of laying turf during the winter

  1. Turf rolls will stay fresher for longer – normally turf rolls should be laid within 24 hours of delivery. However, if the weather is very cold they should stay fresh for longer than this, giving landscapers or homeowners additional time to lay the turf should the weather deteriorate and they are unable to do so as planned
  2. Ground preparation is easier – the soil tends to be softer, more manageable, and easier to work with. Find out how to prepare the ground before laying turf by clicking here.
  3. No watering required – newly laid turf should normally be watered within half an hour of being laid, but during the cold, wet, winter months new turf shouldn’t need to be watered at all, except in the case of very dry or unusually warm weather. This could save a substantial amount of time, and money spent on water – especially if you are on a water meter
  4. More time to establish – yes, the turf will take longer to establish than it normally would, however the lawn should not be used as much during the winter months and therefore will have plenty of time to establish strong roots before the spring arrives

Tip 1: After preparing the ground for new turf add a layer of nutrient filled topsoil, such as our premium blended loam, to give the new turf a boost.

Tip 2: Check the turf regularly for signs of gapping, curling, or drying out. Water the turf as and when necessary.

Tip 3: Wait until the turf has established before mowing the grass. To check if the turf has established simply pull up on a corner of the new turf – if it pulls away easily place it back down and wait a few more days. If there is resistance when lifting the turf then it has established.

At Paynes Turf we harvest our premium turf all year round, except in frosty and icy conditions. This is to ensure that our customers have the option of laying turf at any time of the year. Our advice is to order turf after the ground has been prepared, and you are ready to lay the turf rolls. Have your turf delivered on the same day that you wish to lay it – this is to ensure that your turf will remain as fresh as possible. Find out how to lay new turf by clicking here.