Laying a lawn in summer

Laying a lawn in the summer months requires a little more care and attention (not to mention water!) than at other times of the year. The key is to keep the turf watered well – before, during and after laying. Find out how to successfully lay turf during the summer with advice from Essex turf and topsoil supplier, Paynes Turf.

Laying a lawn in summer Paynes Turf

One of the most important things to do when laying turf at any time of the year is to make sure that the turf is delivered on the actual day that it will be laid. This is to ensure that it stays as fresh and as healthy as possible, and to give it the best possible chance of establishing quickly. This is especially important during the summer months as the warm, dry air will quickly dry out the turf rolls causing them to crack, turn yellow and otherwise deteriorate very rapidly. We only ever harvest turf the day before delivery to make sure it arrives to you in the best condition possible.

Follow our top tips below in order to make laying turf during the summer successful:

  1. The day before your turf is delivered water the prepared ground well, even if it has rained. The new turf will need a moist base on which to successfully root.
  1. After the turf rolls have been delivered, unroll them and then water thoroughly using a hosepipe. Never water the turf rolls while they are still rolled up.
  1. Water each piece of turf as soon as you lay it; this will ensure the turf stays moist while you continue with the rest of the lawn.
  1. Depending upon the size of the lawn, you may need to water the turf that’s already been laid half way through the laying process.
  1. When the entire lawn has been laid, water the turf again thoroughly. You’ll need to ensure that the water has seeped right through to the ground below – so lift up a corner of the turf to check. However, make sure that you don’t over water the new turf; the ground below should be moist but not waterlogged. Over watering will starve the roots of vital oxygen, which is essential for the roots to establish.

Water the newly laid turf every morning (and evening if the weather is extremely warm), until the roots have firmly established.

Top turf tip – make sure that you don’t miss the edges of the turf during watering, as the edges will dry out very quickly during the warmer weather.