Lawnmower servicing - electric lawnmowers Paynes TurfLook after your mower with our lawnmower servicing guide.

Lawnmower maintenance is vital to preserve your mower and keep it mowing for longer. Even though electric mowers are relatively inexpensive, look after yours well and it should keep your lawn in tip-top condition for years.

Always unplug your mower before any kind of inspection. Firstly, check for damage to the power cable. Examine each end of the cable for loose wires and check along the whole length for any cuts. Small shallow cuts that haven’t gone through the insulation can be taped with electrical tape. If the cut has gone through to the wires, always buy a replacement cable for your mower from the manufacturer.

Clean out the motor air inlets with a stiff brush, taking care not to let any debris fall into the motor. It’s also a good idea to vacuum the air inlets to remove as much as you can. Tip: Adding a few drops of oil into the cleaned inlets (3-in-1 all purpose oil is ok) will help to lubricate inside.

Remove any grass build up underneath the mower and clean. Tip: Spraying a little cooking oil underneath will help to prevent a build up of grass under your mower.

Make sure all nuts, bolts and fasteners are tight, and remember to lubricate your mower’s wheels.

Finally, inspect the blade for any damage, and sharpen if necessary. If you would like a really sharp cut, take your mower to a mower service centre to have the blades professionally sharpened.