Can frost, snow and ice cause lawn problems? This winter has been very cold with frost and snow more of a normality than a rarity, so how does adverse weather affect grass? Find out with expert advice from Essex turf grower, Paynes Turf.

Lawn problems from snow

The appearance of snow on your lawn is very attractive… until of course the snow begins to melt and waterlogs the lawn! The good news is that excessive snow cover shouldn’t do too much harm to your lawn, however it could cause fungal diseases, such as snow mould, to appear on the surface of the lawn. Don’t be tempted to remove the snow with a shovel in an attempt to avoid attack by fungus, as you could cause even more damage. Instead, leave the snow to melt naturally, and try to avoid walking on it when it is covered by snow. To help your lawn recover from possible damage by snow feed the lawn with a spring fertiliser during March.

Lawn problems from frost

Frost is very common at this time of year and shouldn’t cause any long-term damage to your lawn. It’s always best practice, however, to keep off the lawn when it is covered with frost as frozen grass blades could be very susceptible to breakage. The frost could then find its way into the grass leaf through the damaged sections, which could cause the grass to turn limp and eventually blacken. Apply a good quality fertiliser during the spring to help repair any damage that the frost may have caused.

Lawn problems from water

Water damage is by far one of the biggest lawn problems that affects the UK. As well as excess waterlogging from melting snow, ice and frost, it also tends to rain quite a lot during the winter months leaving our lawns under water. You can help water to drain away from your lawn by aerating the lawn once a year – this will allow excess water to drain quickly away from the surface of the lawn.

As always, a regular lawn care maintenance programme will help your lawn to deal with whatever mother nature throws at it, as well as grow strong, healthy, lush and green. Find out what you can do to take care of your lawn all year round here.