Moles can be prevalent in the garden at this time of year, and could cause damage to lawns. Lawn mole removal is tricky but can be carried out humanely. Find out how to get rid of moles from your lawn with tips from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

Identifying the presence of moles

If present, moles tend to leave large pyramid-shaped mounds of earth dotted around the lawn. These mounds are the byproduct of the mole’s activities, which mainly consist of digging a vast network of underground tunnels and chambers. The excavated soil then sits on the surface of the lawn. The molehills must be removed before any attempt to mow the lawn can be made. This can be very frustrating!

So what can be done about moles?

Lawn mole removal

There are several ways to remove moles humanely from the garden, some more efficient and effective than others.

1. Build a barrier

This method is more prevention than cure and will help to prevent moles from entering your garden (or lawned area) in the first place.

To build a barrier you’ll need to dig a trench around the area that you wish to protect from moles, approx. 20-30cm wide by around 60-90cm deep, fill with gravel, and then cover the gravel with soil.

2. Catch moles using a pit trap

An effective way of removing moles from your lawn is to catch them in a pit trap, before releasing them into a suitable environment. Simply dig into a tunnel that the moles have created and place a large jar inside, keeping the top rim of the jar level with the bottom surface of the tunnel. As the moles pass over the jar they should fall inside. However the trap must be checked at least twice a day. Once a mole has been trapped in the jar, release it back into a suitable environment at least a mile away from your home.

Did you know? Moles feed on earthworms and other creatures found in the soil, not on plants or grass.