All year round lawn maintenance

After laying new turf correct lawn maintenance is essential if you want to keep the lawn looking lush, green, and healthy. Find out what you can do to maintain your new lawn with advice from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

Mow the lawn regularly

Mowing the lawn on a regular basis is the single most important maintenance job that will keep your lawn looking great, all year round. The height that you cut the grass is also very important – too short and the grass will be scalped, leaving it exposed to damage from the sun, the cold, wind and rain.

When making the first cut of the year always start with the mower blades set on the highest setting to avoid causing unnecessary stress to the grass plants. Gradually lower the blades with each subsequent cut until you reach the desired height.

During the heat of the summer months it’s usually a good idea to keep the grass slightly longer as this will give the grass added protection against the damaging effects of the sun, and from the drying effect of wind.

Tip: Always follow the golden rule of grass cutting – never cut more than a third off the top of the grass at any one time.

Lawn maintenance Paynes Turf

Scarify the lawn

Thatch (dead plant material) can build up on the surface of a lawn and requires raking out in order to allow light, oxygen, and water to reach the roots of the grass. At this time of year, scarify your lawn lightly as it can leave the grass looking a bit of a mess afterwards, and will take time to recover. It’s important to remember that scarifying is an essential part of lawn maintenance and therefore should be carried out at least once a year. Leave the heavy scarifying until the autumn months when there’s more time for the grass to recover and the garden isn’t being used as much. Find out how to scarify your lawn here.

Aerate the lawn

Aeration is vital to the health of a lawn. Without carrying out this task it could leave a lawn susceptible to becoming waterlogged. Aerate your lawn once a year, preferably during the autumn months. Find out how to aerate your lawn here.

Lawn maintenance Paynes Turf

Feed the lawn

You wouldn’t expect humans to flourish too well without food and water, and the same goes for grass! Feeding a lawn is an essential part of yearly lawn maintenance and will allow your lawn to grow healthy and green, with a thick sward. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying lawn fertiliser.