With the cold winter months just around the corner, our lawns deserve a little care and attention to get them through until the growing season begins again in the spring. Grass doesn’t actively grow during the winter, however it can become a little messy and unkempt, and often needs mowing – however many people believe that grass should not be cut until the spring. So can grass be cut during the winter? We’ll answer this question here, and also give you a few lawn care tips for the coming winter months.


Everybody likes their lawn to look good all year round, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Grass can be mowed during the winter months, however care should be taken to only mow when necessary, and never mow when the grass is very wet or frosty. It’s easy to cause damage to grass if cut when wet – add winter to the mix and the damage can be irreparable. With the growing season finished, the grass will be unable to recover from any damage that may have been caused, at least until the growing season begins again in the spring. Remember the golden rule of mowing in winter – cut only when necessary and only mow when dry!


It’s a good idea to keep fallen leaves off the lawn during the winter, as although small amounts of leaves won’t damage your lawn, if left to pile up could lead to the onset of lawn diseases such as snow mould, as well as provide a nice warm home for various pests in the garden. Fallen leaves can be swept up and used to make leafmould, placed on the compost heap, or simply broken up by the lawnmower into tiny pieces which will infuse nutrients into the soil.

Lawn care tips for winter Paynes Turf

Keep lawn traffic down to a minimum during the winter to leave the grass green and healthy.

Lawn traffic

There usually aren’t many reasons to venture out into the garden during the winter so heavy footfall shouldn’t be a problem. It’s always best to keep off the lawn as much as possible during the winter to avoid damage to the lawn, as any damage will not be repaired until the grass starts growing again in the spring.

Service your mower

Give your mower a well-deserved service during the winter months by sharpening the blades, cleaning underneath the body, replacing any oils, and freeing up any moving parts. Anyone with a little DIY knowledge can have a go at servicing a mower, however to get blades really sharp it’s often best to visit a mower service centre.