Winter is a quiet time in the garden, but lawns generally still need a little TLC to help them through the cold months. Find out how you should be looking after your lawn with expert tips on lawn care in winter from turf supplier, Paynes Turf.

Lawn care in winter Paynes Turf

It’s still possible to mow the lawn during winter but never when the grass is wet or frosty.

Keep off the grass

Try to stay off the lawn as much as possible during the winter months, particularly if the grass is wet or frosty, as the grass plants can be damaged easily from walking on or wheeling a wheelbarrow across the surface, for example. In addition, as the grass plants are not growing very much at this time of year, they are unable to repair themselves until the onset of spring, so it pays to be careful when walking on the lawn.

Keep the lawn clear

It goes without saying to remove fallen leaves and debris from the lawn, but it is especially important at this time of year. If you have many trees in your garden, you will have probably had thousands of leaves fall onto your lawn through the autumn months. Fallen leaves will encourage the onset of diseases and also an increase in worm activity, resulting in worm casts on the surface of your lawn. Simply clear leaves with a rake to remove them, but do it gently – you don’t want to damage the grass plants.

Keep mowing the grass

Even throughout the winter months it’s still possible to mow the lawn, as long as the grass is dry and frost-free. Even though grass plants are dormant at this time of year, if the weather is mild growth will continue, even if it is slow. Keep your lawn looking great during the winter with a quick trim – just take off the very top of the blades to keep it looking neat, and only mow when the lawn is dry.

Service the mower

Use the long gaps in between mowing to get your mower serviced and blades sharpened and in tiptop condition.