Lawn care in March Paynes Turf

March heralds the beginnings of spring, but so far the early March weather this year has seen some very cold, wet weather. Many of you will be questioning if there is anything you can do in the garden this month to bring your lawn back to its former glory. The good news is that there are still many things you can do in the garden to get it back in shape, despite the weather, so read on for our helpful tips on lawn care in March.

Is it too wet to cut the lawn?

Well, so far the month of March has seen a lot of rainfall, so most gardens will be far too waterlogged for anyone to be even thinking about cutting the lawn. That said however, when the weather has been dry and windy for a few days (as it often is during March) take the opportunity to mow the lawn; wind dries out grass and soil, making conditions for cutting good.

Can I aerate the lawn?

Yes! Quite often, in cold, damp weather conditions (when mowing is out of the question) it’s a great time to aerate your lawn. Aeration will also help dissipate any further rainfall during the months ahead, and will help to keep your lawn healthy and growing vigorously. Simply use a garden fork to punch holes in the ground, every 15cm across and 15cm deep. If you have a large garden it may be worth hiring a plug aerator to get the job done faster. Aerating your lawn will help excess water to drain away faster, and will also allow air and light to reach the roots of the grass plants, resulting in a lush, green, healthy lawn. Find out more about aerating your lawn here.

Can I remove worm casts?

Providing the lawn is not wet it’s possible to remove worm casts, but wait until the casts are dry so they can be brushed away with a broom before mowing. If you have an abundance of worm casts, it may be worth aerating your lawn to help excess water drain away; earthworms come up to the surface of the lawn when the soil below is very wet. Try to avoid mowing the lawn if you have worm casts, as the mower could squash the worm casts and make a big mess on your lawn. Find out more about worm casts here.

Can I lay turf?

Yes! It’s possible to lay new turf all year round. Just make sure that the ground is prepared before ordering your turf, and that you lay the new turf on the same day it is delivered, for the very best results! Read our guide to laying turf here.