This month we’re harvesting turf from our Suffolk site which benefits from sandy soil. Our growing site in Essex has clay soil which is currently wet and claggy. Attempting to harvest turf from it now would damage the turf and the land. Because sandy soils are free draining, harvesting is much easier. Having multiple sites gives us flexibility to move between the two as necessary, so you always get the best possible quality turf from us.

What gives a soil its characteristics?

Gardeners and landscapers must know their soil. Soil and turf need care to achieve their potential and soil type dictates the care required. The particles in soil define the type of soil it is, and the size of these particles control its nature.

Sandy Soil

Sandy soil has more sand and only a little clay. The larger sand particles means excellent drainage, which means it handles heavy rainfall or snowfall really well. This helps your turf’s root system and reduces the risk of damage. Nutrients can be more easily washed away, so turf on sandy soil requires feeding to ensure it has the right amounts of the good stuff it needs to stay in tip-top shape. You’ll find sandy soils light and dry. They warm up quickly in spring and are usually acidic.

Clay Soil

Particles of clay are very small so the soil has a high surface area. Clay soil can be very fertile because nutrients bind with the clay particles. The down side, as anyone with clay soil knows, is that clay soil absorbs water. It takes ages for water to drain and takes longer for clay soil to warm up in spring. Tramping over clay soil, or moving heavy machinery over the soil, compacts it, making it tricky to work with. But, taking care of clay soil makes it much easier to work with and helps you reap lots of benefits in terms of a healthy lawn and garden, so it can be very flexible to work with. Although heavier and wetter, clay soils are very flexible if you look after them.

Pro Tip Our sandy loam will improve drainage and give your lawn vital nutrients, so it benefits turf on both sandy and clay soil.


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