Your lawn mower is probably languishing in your shed, your garage, or (gasp of horror) outside!!! It’s still too early to get mowing – the ground is saturated after the recent storms and besides, the grass won’t be growing right now as the soil is too cold. But it IS a good time to pay some attention to your lawn mower.

Lots of mower maintenance you can do yourself. Some time, the user manual and a couple of tools are all you need.

Regular mower maintenance gives your grass a clean cut, makes mowing easier, and improves the longevity of your mower. The level of care it needs can be guided by how much time you spend mowing. Your user manual is your bible and will give you more info. If you’ve lost your user manual, you can sometimes find PDFs of guides online or the manufacturer may be able to send you a new one. And remember to follow ALL the safety instructions.

If you have a petrol mower, you should be able to…

  • change the oil
  • clean the filter
  • change a spark plug if necessary, which can be done using a spark plug spanner

Looking after an electric lawn mower is even simpler. Give it a good clean with a stiff brush and oil the moving parts.

Sharpening your blade

A sharp blade is key to a good cut. How easy this is to do depends on whether your mower is a rotary mower or a cylinder mower. Rotary mower blades can be sharpened at home but it’s important to use the right kit. On a cylinder mower, the process will be more complicated. If in doubt – get it serviced by a pro at a service centre. This will get it good and sharp for your first spring cut.

Throughout the mowing season

It’s all too easy to shove your mower back in the shed straight after a mow, but a few minutes of care can save you money and effort in the long run.

  • Remove mud and grass from the chassis, blades, rollers and grass box.
  • Check and tighten nuts and bolts.
  • Make sure the blade hasn’t worked loose as this can be dangerous.
  • Water + metal = rust, so make sure it dries fully between uses. After you have cleaned them, dry the parts and wipe over with an oily .