Is your lawn teeming with toadstools?

Although unsightly, the appearance of toadstools in your lawn is actually a sign that the lawn is healthy. However, if you have an abundance of toadstools then you may prefer to remove some of them. Find out how, with advice from Essex turf and topsoil supplier, Paynes Turf.

Is your lawn teeming with toadstools? Paynes Turf

Why are there toadstools in my lawn?

Mushroom producing fungi are present in both new and old turf. In fact, the process of harvesting, transporting and laying new turf can sometimes encourage mushrooms and toadstools to appear, so don’t be alarmed if this happens – they should disappear after a week or two.

How fungi benefits turf

Fungi help to break down thatch in turf, and at the same time supply the turf with essential nutrients. Many types of fungi are very small and therefore difficult to spot, even though they are present in the turf. However, during hot and humid conditions some fungi produce toadstools and mushrooms, and this is when the problem becomes noticeable.

How to remove them

The good news is that toadstools can easily be removed from a lawn. All you need to do is to simply pick them out by hand, or brush them off the lawn using a stiff broom. If you don’t have time for this, you could also get rid of them by mowing the lawn with the grass box attached to catch them.

How to reduce the numbers

To cut down the amount of toadstools that could potentially appear on your lawn, limit the quantity of fertiliser and frequency of applications, and remember that if you remove all the toadstools in the lawn then you’ll have to de-thatch on a regular basis.

As fungi is considered a gardener’s friend, there are no fungicides available on the market to stop them from appearing. Instead, learn to live with them safe in the knowledge that they are providing your lawn with much needed nutrients and keeping it healthy!