Contrary to popular opinion, winter is one of the best times of year to lay turf! Turf can be laid right the way through winter. And here’s why:

  1. You won’t be as tempted to walk on it

When laying turf, you shouldn’t walk on it for at least a couple of weeks. This period is when the grass roots establish and is vital for a healthy lawn. Yet, when we lay turf in summer, we’d be sore tempted to forget that and go out on the lawn (sunbathing, kids playing, gardening, etc). This is one reason why it can be better to lay a lawn in winter (yes, right the way through winter is fine, just avoid frozen days!). Laying turf in winter means we’re less likely to be tempted to go outside and walk on it, thus allowing the roots to establish and grow a healthy lawn.

2. The cooler weather is better for laying turf

During hot weather, newly laid turf needs extra care and attention, especially when the ground is incredibly dry. During winter, the colder ambient temperatures and cooler ground make it easier on the grass to establish. 

3. You don’t have to water the new lawn as much during winter

Related to point 2, summer laid turf needs lots of watering – lots of it. But turf laid during winter doesn’t as the weather is usually much cooler and wetter anyway. This saves time and money, and reduces water usage.

4. Turf rolls will keep longer in cooler weather

Whilst we always advise turf to be laid as quickly as possible after harvesting, you can relax a little bit more during winter as the turf rolls will not dry out as quickly. And if the truf rolls should freeze, then you can wait until they thaw out before laying them.

5. Turf laid in winter is ready when spring and summer come!

When laying in spring and summer, you will have to wait a couple of weeks before you’re able to use your lawn. In winter, however, you’ll still need to wait, but you’ll be less likely to use your garden. This means that by laying in winter, your turf will be ready and perfect come spring and summer – so no waiting around when you want your lawn the most!