Lay turf this autumn

Autumn is the ideal time to lay turf for several reasons; the ground is still warm and moist, there’s more rainfall, and there’s less chance of the new turf being walked on. Find out more with helpful advice from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

Is autumn a good time to lay turf? Paynes Turf

Ideal rooting conditions

Laying new turf on relatively warm, moist soil will help new turf to establish quickly. These conditions are ideal to encourage the roots of the new turf to establish quickly and deeply into the ground, which will encourage the growth of new, strong roots and result in a thick, green lush lawn.

More rainfall = less watering

Rainfall during the autumn months generally means that you shouldn’t need to water your lawn as much as you normally would (compared to laying turf in the summer for example). However, always water newly laid turf deeply (for at least an hour) immediately upon laying. Check whether or not the water has penetrated through to the ground by lifting up a corner of the turf – if water has seeped right the way through, it has been watered correctly. If not, place the turf back down and continue to water the new turf in.

Tip: Always keep your eye on the weather because if it’s very dry you may need to water the turf more often, and likewise if it’s raining heavily every day then you may not need to water the turf at all. Never overwater new turf or you could risk starving the roots of air and this will kill the grass.

Less mowing!

Grass growth tends to start slowing down as the autumn months progress, which means that newly laid turf will require less mowing. This is good news for the new turf as it will give it plenty of time to establish without being walked on too often – after laying new turf it’s always best to avoid walking on it until the turf has rooted. However, mow the lawn once it has established occasionally, as this will encourage strong growth.

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