Applying a top dressing to your lawn could boost its health and overall appearance, as well as improve the condition and texture of the soil. Find out how to top dress lawn with advice from Essex turf grower Paynes Turf.

What is top dressing?

Top dressing is made up of a combination of sandy loam, compost, and sharp sand.

How to top dress lawn

It’s best to top dress a lawn after the lawn has been scarified and aerated. Find out how to aerate your lawn here and how to scarify your lawn here.

  • Spread the top dressing evenly across the lawn using a spreader, or a garden spade.
  • Don’t be tempted to apply the top dressing too thickly as this could stifle grass growth. Aim to apply the dressing up to 5mm in depth.
  • Using a stiff broom work the top dressing into the lawn. This will allow the mix to bed.

Patchy lawn?

When applying a top dressing it’s a good idea to overseed using a good quality grass seed. This will even up patchy areas of the lawn and encourage the lawn to thicken up, which will also discourage the growth of lawn weeds and encourage stronger root growth. It’s best to mix the grass seed in with the top dressing, but you could also apply the seed using a seed spreader or by hand.

TIP! Top dressing should only be applied to a dry lawn.