The summer is now upon us and with it comes copious amounts of sunshine, but very little (if any) rainfall. Grass does tend to suffer during periods of drought, so it’s always wise to know how to take care of your lawn during dry periods. Find out how you can help to preserve your lawn during the hot, summer months with expert advice from Essex turf grower, Paynes Turf.

Dry, brown grass is never a good look so it’s a good idea to take steps throughout the year to help prevent this from happening, or at least help lessen the damage.

How to take care of your lawn during drought

When mowing the lawn (if this is even necessary), raise the cutting height of the mower blades and instead of catching the clippings in a grass box, leave them to fall onto the lawn (providing they don’t smother the lawn). The cut grass will help to keep moisture locked in the lawn, and prevent it from evaporating.

Watering your lawn can become very expensive (if you’re on a water meter) and wasteful, so only water established lawns if it is absolutely necessary, but certainly not more often than once a week.

How to take care of your lawn during a drought Paynes Turf

How to help prevent drought damage

Conducting a year-round lawn care programme is the best way to achieve a healthy lawn that is resistant to drought, plus it will help your lawn to recover quickly afterwards.

Thankfully, drought-damaged lawns should recover once cooler and wetter weather arrives, but in some severe cases (especially where lawns haven’t been properly maintained all year round) the roots of grass can become weakened and eventually die off. So, to keep your lawn looking great throughout the year, follow our lawn care guide here.