How to seed a lawn

If you have bare patches in your lawn, spring is a great time to bring it back to life using grass seed. Easy to apply and very economical, grass seed is perfect for repairing small areas of grass quickly. Find out how to seed a lawn with tips from Paynes Turf.

How to seed a lawn Paynes Turf

Step 1 – Prepare the soil

Remove any stones or weeds in the patch of lawn that you want to reseed. Break up the soil slightly using a small garden fork, then rake in a little topsoil. The topsoil will provide essential nutrients to enable the grass seeds to grow. Firm down the soil slightly by walking over the area. Water the soil well – this will provide moisture and give the grass seeds an instant boost.

Step 2 – Sow the seed

Use a garden rake to break up the soil and create an open space to allow for effective seeding. Sprinkle the seed onto the soil ensuring even distribution of the seeds. Lightly rake the soil and the seeds together. Always follow the manufacturers instructions on the quantity of grass seed to use per square foot.

Step 3 – Firm the soil

Tread lightly over the area to create a smooth, firm, flat surface.

Step 4 – Water gently

Water the patches of the newly seeded lawn gently every day for around 2 weeks, using a very fine spray to reduce the risk of the seeds washing away. Then reduce watering to once or twice a week, depending on rainfall.