Bald patches on a lawn look unsightly and can encourage the growth of weeds but fortunately they are easy to repair. Spring is the ideal time to repair bald patches in your lawn, as the cool, damp conditions will help the repaired areas to recover quickly and the new turf to establish well. Find out how to repair a lawn that has bald patches with practical advice from Paynes Turf.How to repair a lawn that has bald patches Paynes Turf

Large patches

As weeds have a tendency to pop up in bare patches of grass, it’s a good idea to get the lawn repaired before the weeds cause any further damage. Repair larger patches of damaged grass with new turf – it’s quick and easy and achieves instant results.

  1. First, use a half moon edging tool or a spade to cut a square around the bare patch.
  2. Fork over the area and sprinkle over a mix of topsoil and sharp sand to help with regrowth and drainage.
  3. Cut out a square from a new roll of turf which fits the square exactly.
  4. Fill in the gaps around the edge with sandy topsoil.
  5. Press the edges of the new turf and the existing turf together to create a bond, but be careful not to stretch the new turf.
  6. Water using a watering can fitted with a fine rose.

Small patches

Smaller patches can be repaired with grass seed – it’s cost-effective and is easy to repair damaged areas on slopes or in hard to reach places.

  1. Gently rake over the patch to remove any dead grass and to loosen the soil.
  2. Brush over a mix of topsoil and sharp sand – the topsoil will provide the grass seed with nutrients to grow, and the sand will help with drainage.
  3. Using the manufacturers recommended amount of grass seed for the area, sprinkle half the seed evenly in one direction and the remainder in the opposite direction.
  4. Gently firm down the seeds into the soil with your feet.
  5. Carefully water the area with a watering can fitted with a fine rose, making sure that you don’t disturb the seeds.
  6. Protect the newly seeded patch against birds by using netting to cover the area.