Spring is the ideal time of year to lay turf as the soil is warm (as well as the weather!) and rainfall is almost guaranteed. One of the most important factors when laying a new lawn is to make certain the ground is properly prepared, as the finished result will highlight any lumps, holes, or unevenness in the ground below. It’s worth taking a little extra time preparing the ground well to ensure a great finished result. Find out how to prepare ground for turf with advice from Paynes Turf.How to prepare ground for turf Paynes Turf

Begin by removing the existing turf using a spade to undercut the turf. If the area is large, you may want to consider hiring a turf cutter to speed up the process. Using a garden fork, turn the soil over to a depth of at least 100-150mm and remove any weeds or roots you find.

Use a rake to make the entire area flat and even, and tread over the area lightly to firm the soil. Repeat the raking and firming process one more time, but make sure you don’t compact the soil.

When the area is perfectly flat and even, with no lumps or dips, spread a good quality soil over the area – our Premium Blended Loam is perfect for the job, and will provide essential nutrients for the new turf as well as encouraging strong growth. To support a good root system in the new turf it’s a good idea (but not essential) to lightly rake through a pre-turfing fertiliser into the soil.

Finally, give the ground a thorough watering and then order your turf. You can calculate how much turf you need using our online calculator. Remember to lay your turf as soon as possible after receiving it, but ideally within 24 hours.