How to mow your lawn in summer

Mowing is an essential step to achieving a healthy lawn. However, following on from the recent dry and hot weather the UK has been experiencing over the past month or so, it’s a good idea to mow less often. Find out how to mow your lawn in summer with expert tips from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

We would normally recommend cutting the grass twice a week during the summer months, but this year is an exception to the rule. No rainfall for more than a month has left lawns, parks and recreational grounds parched, brown, and incredibly dry. To help protect your lawn against damage from drought, mow every couple of weeks (or as needed).

Cutting grass too short during hot dry weather could leave a lawn susceptible to damage by sun, wind and drought, largely because the grass blades would normally act as protection against these elements. Short grass could encourage the development of a weak and shallow root system, the upshot of which will result in the need for more frequent feeding and watering. Generally speaking, set the mower blades on a higher setting during the summer months so the grass will be protected.

It’s also advisable to leave the grass clippings on the lawn rather than collect them up in the lawnmower’s grass box. The clippings will act as protection against the elements, and will also help to keep the moisture locked in the soil, rather than allow it to evaporate.

Carrying out a regular lawn care maintenance programme all year round will go a long way to help protect your lawn during periods of drought. Regular mowing, feeding, scarifying and aerating will all contribute to a healthier and stronger lawn that is more resistant to adverse weather conditions. Click here to find out how to care for your lawn all year round.