Mowing the lawn is the most frequent and important lawn care task to maintain a lush, green, healthy lawn. The height and frequency of the cut does depend, however, on varying factors including the time of year, rainfall, sunshine, temperature etc. Find out how to mow the lawn in the autumn months with advice from Paynes Turf.How to mow the lawn in autumn Paynes Turf

Mow less frequently

As the temperature begins to plunge and the days grow shorter, the growth rate of grass starts to slow down, meaning that it will need mowing less frequently (huge sigh of relief from most homeowners!). If you have been mowing twice a week, you can now cut this down to just once a week.

Raise the height of the cut

From late September onwards, begin to raise the height of the cut as this will help to protect the roots of the grass from any potential frost damage in the autumn months. Increase the height with every cut (or every other cut depending on how many settings your mower has) until it reaches around 3.5cm high in late October.

Always follow the golden rule

Remember to follow the golden rule of grass cutting – never cut more than a third off the top of the grass at any one time. This will damage the grass blades, impair root growth, and growth will slow down as the grass puts all of its energy into helping the tips of the grass blades recover from the damage. If you’ve left it too long between cuttings, mow the lawn every few days, cutting off the top third of the grass blades until the desired length is achieved, rather than mowing all at once.