There’s nothing like the overwhelmingly fresh smell of newly cut grass to remind us that spring is well and truly on its way. As gardeners all over the country prepare to venture into their garden sheds to blow the cobwebs and dust off their lawnmowers, the sweet smell of grass will soon thicken the air in celebration of the first grass cut of the year. Find out how to cut your lawn for the first time this year with advice from Paynes Turf.How to make the first grass cut of the year Paynes Turf

Get it right first time

The most important thing to remember when cutting your lawn for the first time in spring is to cut only the top third off the height of the grass. Cutting the lawn shorter will weaken the grass and could cause the grass to turn yellow.

Adjust the cutting height of your mower to the highest setting and mow up and down the lawn, collecting the cut grass in a mower box if you have one. Leaving clippings on the lawn at this stage is not recommended.

The height of the mower can gradually be reduced over the following cuts until the desired height is achieved, although always remember to never cut off more than the top third of the grass blades. A good height to encourage strong growth during the spring is 4 cm, and with the onset of summer the cutting height can be reduced further to 2.5 cm.

The best way to cut a lawn

Keeping a lawn at a uniform length is the key to achieving a smart looking lawn all year round. As long as the lawn is cut evenly all over, with no rogue tufts of grass to spoil the uniformity, your lawn will look superb whether long or short. Many people like to see their lawns cut very short, but this can easily damage your lawn and results in ugly bare patches.

Regular mowing can also go a long way to achieving and maintaining a healthy lawn. Mow once a week during spring to encourage healthy growth and a strong, green lawn.