How to look after your lawn in summer

Many people across the UK are all set and raring to go on their annual two week holiday in the sun, but most won’t have given a thought to the garden and what condition it will be in when they return. So find out how to look after your lawn before a summer break in the sun, with do’s and don’ts from Essex turf and topsoil supplier, Paynes Turf.

How to look after your lawn Paynes Turf

Do mow the lawn

It’s important to mow the lawn two or three days before you leave for your holiday, so that it’s in a manageable condition for when you return. Two weeks is a long time for grass to get out of control especially during the summer months where there could be a mixture of rain, heat and sunshine, which all promote fast growth. However, don’t be tempted to mow the lawn extra short (hoping that the lawn will be at a manageable length when you arrive home) as this will expose the grass to sun damage, especially if the weather is very hot and dry. In addition, the soil will dry out very quickly, which will leave the roots of the grass without moisture and you could come home to a dried up lawn.

Instead, mow the lawn on the height setting that you would normally choose, but remove the grass collection box. The layer of grass clippings left on the lawn will act as a barrier, protecting the grass and the soil from drying out. When you return from your holiday, mow the lawn as you normally would.

Do water the lawn

Give the lawn a thorough watering (for at least an hour) the evening before you’re due to leave. This will ensure that the water penetrates deep into the roots, and will give your lawn the best chance of surviving a dry period.

Do weed the lawn

Make sure weeds don’t take over your lawn while you’re not around, by pulling them out before you leave. To remove weeds use a small trowel or simply pull them out by hand.

Don’t feed the lawn

It may seem like a great idea to feed your lawn before you go away, thinking that the extra nutrients will keep your lawn healthy, but while this is true, applying a fertiliser will set the grass on an upwards growth spurt and you could have to deal with a lawn that’s completely out of control in a couple of weeks time (and looking more like a jungle than a lawn!).

If you find that the lawn has gone a little crazy upon your return, don’t panic – grass is very resilient and with a little love, care and attention, it will soon go back to being lush, green and healthy.