How to look after new turf

After installing new turf it’s essential that it should be cared for so that it grows healthy, green and thick. Find out how to look after new turf with expert tips from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

After laying the turf

Water newly laid turf as soon as it has been laid. When the weather is very hot and dry it could be necessary to water the turf during the laying process, depending upon how large the area to be turfed is.

Check that the new turf has received adequate water by lifting up a corner of the turf; if water has seeped through to the ground below then the turf has enough water. If there is no sign of water place the turf back down and water again thoroughly. The aim is to allow water to reach the roots of the turf; this will encourage growth and allow the new turf to establish.

When laying turf between the months of March and October water every day for at least two weeks. At other times of the year water as and when required. However, this is a general rule and several factors, such as heat, rainfall and wind, will affect when and how much to water new turf.

Mow the turf

Mowing new turf can only commence once the turf has established; this is when the roots of the turf have firmly attached to the ground below. To check if the new turf has established pull up a corner of the turf; if there is resistance the turf has firmly established. If the turf pulls away easily, place it back down and wait for a few more days before checking again.

It is really important to mow newly laid turf because mowing stimulates growth and encourages the grass blades to thicken up.

Moving on…

Mow the lawn regularly; once a week during the summer months and twice a week during spring and autumn to encourage the growth of a lush, green sward. Water the lawn as and when required, and feed during the spring and autumn months. Find out how to feed your lawn here.

Tip! Always remember the golden rule of grass mowing – never cut more than a third off the top of the grass blades at any one time.

To keep your new turf in tiptop condition follow a regular lawn care maintenance programme including regular feeding, weeding, mowing, aerating and scarifying.