Our customers often ask us if it’s possible to lay turf in the winter. Providing the conditions are not frosty or too wet, winter is an ideal time to lay new turf. Find out how to lay turf in the winter and the benefits of doing so, with advice from Paynes Turf.

How to lay turf in the winter Paynes Turf

Paynes Turf harvests turf all year round, except in the case of frosty and icy conditions, which gives our customers the opportunity to renew their lawn before spring arrives. Good ground preparation is the key to a beautiful looking lawn, so put the effort in now to create a level, nutrient-enriched base. See our guide on ground preparation by clicking here. Winter is actually a great time to prepare the ground, as the cooler temperatures make the soil much softer and easier to work with. New turf should be laid in exactly the same way as you would normally lay turf throughout the rest of the year – see our guide on how to lay turf here. Turf that is laid during the winter will take longer to establish during cold conditions, but there are also many advantages to laying turf in the winter, including:

  • The roots of the turf will have plenty of time to establish before the lawn is used
  • If the weather is very cold, the turf rolls will keep fresher for longer (up to 3 days), allowing you more time to lay the turf rolls in the event of bad weather
  • Turf which is laid in the winter does not need watering as much, if at all, which will save valuable time and money
  • The lawn will be well established, lush, green and ready for use by the time summer arrives