How to lay turf in hot weather

We don’t recommend laying turf during extremely hot temperatures. However, if you have prepped and ordered your turf and must go ahead with installing it, read on to find out our top five tips on how to lay turf in hot weather.

How to lay turf in hot weather Paynes Turf

Tip 1: Turf is a living, breathing thing, and once harvested during hot weather will begin to dry out rapidly. This is why it’s so important that you lay your turf as soon as it has been delivered. We harvest turf the day before it’s delivered to you to ensure that it arrives at your door in tiptop condition.

Tip 2: In hot weather we recommend that you give the prepared ground a thorough soak the evening before you plan to lay the turf. This will give the turf its best possible chance of establishing quickly and effectively.

Tip 3: As you lay the turf, keep it moist by spraying each section with a hosepipe. Pay particular attention to the edges of the turf rolls as these tend to dry out quickly.

Tip 4: You may need to give the turf a thorough soak with the hosepipe halfway through laying the lawn, depending on the size of the area to be turfed.

Tip 5. As soon as you have finished laying the turf, water it well using a sprinkler. Leave the sprinkler on until the water has seeped right through the turf and into the soil below. You can check this by carefully lifting up a corner of the turf, making sure that water is present in the ground below, and then placing it back down. Continue to water the newly laid turf for the next couple of weeks, at least twice a day, preferably in the early morning and late evening.

How to lay turf in hot weather Paynes Turf