Are you thinking of laying new turf to spruce up your garden for the summer months? If your lawn is looking a little tired, laying a new lawn will make a big difference to the look and feel of your garden. However, there are a few things to be aware of when laying turf during the warmer months, so find out more with advice from Essex turf supplier Paynes Turf.

Premium grade turf delivered as fresh as a daisy

We harvest your turf the day before it’s delivered to you to ensure that it’s as fresh as it can possibly be. Turf is a living, breathing thing and requires water and air to survive, so make sure that you order your turf to be delivered when you are ready to lay it. We always advise to lay turf as soon as it’s delivered, and at least within 24 hours of delivery – that’s why it’s a great idea to opt for a morning delivery slot so that you have the rest of the day to get your turf laid.

If it’s not possible to lay your turf immediately after delivery, we recommend that you water the turf rolls upon delivery and then check them regularly for signs of drying out, which will be most noticeable on the edges. Keep the turf rolls moist by using a hose to keep them dampened down. 

Tips on laying turf in hot weather

During the warmer months the turf rolls may dry out, so it’s vital that you keep them moist by watering them often. When the weather is exceptionally warm and dry you may need to water the turf as you lay it. Again, pay particular attention to the edges of each roll as they will dry out very quickly. After you’ve finished laying the turf you’ll also need to give the entire turfed area a thorough soaking; set up an automatic sprinkler to make this easier, and make sure the water reaches all of the new turfs. When we say thoroughly water, we really mean a good old soak. You’ll need to make sure that the water soaks through the turf and into the ground below. This will give the roots in the turf the very best chance of establishing (rooting into the ground below).

If the weather remains warm and dry you may need to water your new lawn up to twice a day for at least a couple of weeks. Once the roots have established you shouldn’t need to water the lawn again, but check the turf for signs of drying out (curling at the edges and browning) to be sure.

Download our comprehensive guide to laying turf here.