How to lay turf this spring

Although turf can be laid all year round, spring is an ideal time to lay a new lawn as you will reap the benefits in the summer time. Find out how to lay turf with advice and helpful tips from Paynes Turf.How to lay turf Paynes Turf

The warm weather and rainfall in the spring makes perfect conditions for laying a new lawn. The first step (and the most important) is to prepare the ground well. Good quality soil is essential for new turf, as it contains vital nutrients to enable the roots to establish quickly, and for the grass to grow well. Find out how to prepare the ground before laying new turf by clicking here.

As soon as the ground is prepared, order the turf. For the very best results, you should always lay turf within 24 hours of delivery to prevent the turves from drying out.

Begin laying the turves along a straight edge, such as a piece of wood, and ensure that the joints are butted up closely together. Lay the turves in a brickwork pattern so that the joints are staggered. It’s a good idea to use a plank of wood to kneel on as you work to avoid damaging the turf. Cut the edges with a sharp knife or a saw and fill in the gaps between the joins with fine grade topsoil – our 6mm fine loam is perfect for the job.

After you have finished laying all the turf rolls, it’s vital that you water the lawn immediately. Water thoroughly with a garden hose, making sure the water has seeped right through to the ground below. To check, simply lift a corner of the newly laid turf and inspect the soil beneath the turf. Water every day, preferably in the morning, for at least 2 weeks until the turf has established. Continue to water once or twice a week for another couple of weeks.