Lawn diseases can quickly turn a beautiful looking lawn into a lawn that appears unkempt and ugly. Surprisingly, most lawn diseases are caused by a lack of proper lawn care maintenance and can easily be prevented. Find out how to keep your lawn disease-free and beautiful with tips from Paynes Turf.

How to keep your grass free from lawn diseases Paynes Turf

Keep your lawn disease-free.

Check for drainage

Most lawn diseases thrive in damp, moist conditions, so it’s very important to ensure your lawn has adequate drainage. If you have spotted an area in your garden that is constantly wet, make sure you aerate the area with a garden fork or aerator to improve drainage.

All lawns need water to maintain healthy grass plants, especially during hot weather. Always water your lawn early in the morning so that the lawn is dry by the afternoon – this will reduce the risk of disease.

Don’t over or under feed

Help to prevent lawn diseases caused by over or under use of fertilisers – always follow the manufacturers recommended dosing instructions.

Mow correctly

Some lawn diseases are caused through incorrect mowing. Blunt mower blades tear the grass rather than cut it, and this can provide a breeding ground for fungus. Always keep your mower blades sharp to avoid damage to the grass blades and to help keep the lawn free from disease.