Some gardeners love them but others loathe them – lawn weeds. Their appearance can often spoil the look of an otherwise neat lawn, particularly to lawn purists. Ridding your lawn of weeds usually involves the use of chemicals that are not only expensive, but can also seep into fruit and vegetable plants, and filter down into groundwater. Thankfully there is a natural, organic way to rid your lawn of weeds. Find out how to get rid of lawn weeds naturally with advice from Payne Turf.How to get rid of lawn weeds naturally Paynes Turf

Some call them weeds, others call them flowers – buttercups, daisies and dandelions pop up in our lawns during the growing season and often leave some gardeners reaching for the mower. However, with a regular lawn care maintenance programme, you should see a significant decrease in the amount of ‘weeds’ that appear in your lawn. Weeds love open spaces, so if your lawn is sparse this will allow the weeds to compete with the grass plants for a place in the lawn. Thick, well cared for lawns will virtually eliminate weeds, as the weeds will literally have no place to grow.

So, how do you get your lawn thick and strong? The best way is to maintain an ongoing lawn care programme. This involves regular deep watering, mowing, fertilising in autumn and spring, and aerating and scarifying the lawn annually.

Water: Water deeply and infrequently. Watering infrequently means watering at least every 2 weeks in the hot summer months, and once a month during the cooler months. You must water the grass for at least an hour every time to ensure the water penetrates to the roots. This will encourage the roots to grow strong and healthy, thus encouraging the grass to grow thick and eliminate the weeds.

Mow: Mow twice a week during the summer months, reducing to once a week during dry weather, and once a week during the autumn and spring. Keep the mower setting high, and remember to stick with the most important lawn mowing rule of thumb – never cut more than a third off the top of the grass.

Fertilise: Apply a fertiliser in spring and autumn, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This will give your lawn everything it needs to grow strong and healthy.

Aerate: Aerate your lawn every year to ensure proper drainage, and scarify in the autumn so that you can overseed successfully if required.

In the meantime, any weeds that do pop up can simply be removed by hand. Following a lawn care programme will ensure a beautiful lawn which is free from weeds – naturally!