Cutting neat edges to a freshly cut lawn will instantly transform the look of your garden and result in a smart looking lawn. Find out how to edge a lawn to achieve the best results with advice from Essex turf supplier, Paynes Turf.How to edge a lawn Paynes Turf

Many keen gardeners will have already made the first lawn cut of the year and tidied up the garden in general. However, the edges of the lawn can sometimes be neglected, leaving an overall unkempt look to the lawn. Lawn edge trimming is quick and easy, and can make a big difference to the appearance of your lawn.

Neaten lawn edges

Freshen up the edges of borders using a half-moon edging tool. Use the existing lawn edge as a guide, or if you fancy a change use a rope or a line of sand to change the look of your garden borders. To do this, simply lay the rope (or spread the sand in a line) on the lawn in the design you want to achieve, and use a half-moon edging tool to cut the desired shape. Maintain the edges each time you cut the lawn with long-handled edging sheers, but remember to collect the clippings to keep the lawn looking neat and tidy.

Trim path edges

Grass has a habit of growing across paths so use a patio weeding tool or a sharp knife to cut the edges of the turf and redefine the path edges. Use grass shears to maintain the edges of the grass next to paths each time you mow the lawn – this will prevent grass from covering the path in the future and keep your path looking smart!