How to remove lawn weeds

Don’t let weeds take over your lawn! Weeds can become a big problem at this time of year, with warm, moist conditions boosting their growth. Find out how to remove lawn weeds with expert tips from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

How to remove lawn weeds Paynes Turf

Weeds are easy enough to remove from turf; simply pull them out by hand, making sure that the root of the weed has been lifted. If you have trouble getting the whole weed out, roots and all, simply dig them out using a small garden trowel. Removing the weed as a whole entity will help to ensure that the weeds don’t spread.

It’s also possible to use chemicals to do the job, however don’t be tempted to use chemicals on new turf as the turf could easily become damaged. Using chemical weed killer is simple, but always remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions before application as dosing amounts and methods vary by manufacturer.

The application of a weed and feed fertiliser will also help to rid your lawn of weeds, and give it a good feed at the same time. Look for these products at your local garden centre.

How to prevent weed growth in your lawn

It is possible to prevent the growth of weeds in a lawn. A lawn that is healthy and has a thick green sward is much less likely to contain weeds, as they only tend to grow in sparse areas of the lawn where there’s no competition for space.

Want to know how to achieve a thick green sward in your lawn? All it takes is a year-round lawn care maintenance programme, including regular feeding, aerating, scarifying and mowing. Find out what you need to do each month to achieve a weed-free, healthy, disease-free lawn by clicking here.