Are you looking to repair patches in your lawn or even grow a new lawn from scratch using grass seed? Read top tips from Essex turf supplier Paynes Turf, on what to look for when choosing grass seed, and how to weed out the good from the bad.

Buy a quality grass seed mix

To get the best possible results when seeding a lawn it’s really important to choose a good quality grass seed mix. An inferior mix will almost certainly contain weed seeds – not something you want growing in your newly laid lawn!  It may also contain other fillers which could result in a weak root system, leading to a lawn that’s susceptible to disease.

Choosing a quality grass seed mix is the key to achieving great results – the lawn will be free from weeds, and a strong root system will result in a hard-wearing lawn that grows lush, green and dense. 

Choose the right grass seed for the job

If you’re looking for a grass seed that’s a great ‘all rounder’, our Amenity grass seed mix is ideal for overseeding existing lawns that have become patchy, or for repairing damaged sections of the lawn. Included for its excellent recovery qualities, perennial ryegrass makes up 50% of this grass seed mix. Strong creeping red fescue (making up the remaining 50%) is included for the strength and thickness it gives to the grass plants, and because it is incredibly tolerant to the extreme heat that we seem to be experiencing more and more during the summer months.

Premium grade grass seed mix

Our high germination premium-grade grass seed mix is the king of grass seed mixes, in our expert opinion (and we know a thing or two about growing turf as we’ve been in the business for 50 years!). This premium quality mix is ideal for mixing in with turfed areas and when overseeding our premium grade turf, as the grass seeds will produce a disease-free lawn with a thick, even texture and rich green colour, matching in with your existing turf perfectly.

Speciality grass seed mixes

If you’re looking for a speciality seed mix we can help with that too. From a quality wildflower seed mix to a sports turf mix or a grass seed mix that’s great for use in shady areas or tolerant to drought, we can create or source the perfect grass seed mix for you. Simply get in touch with our friendly team by calling 01255 830325 or fill in our contact form.