If you’re a landscaper looking for a supplier of quality turf and topsoil and you need it fast – you’ve come to the right place. Essex turf grower Paynes Turf offers a range of premium turf and topsoil with fast, reliable delivery across Essex & Suffolk.

Premium quality turf and sports turf supplier

We’ve been growing turf for almost 50 years on our farms in Essex and Suffolk. Our turf is grown from our quality grass seed mixtures using only the top STRI cultivars to ensure high germination, excellent establishment and resistance to disease. Thanks to carefully scheduled seeding programmes we can ensure that our turf is available all year round and is of consistent quality.

Fast delivery that you can rely on

Our fast and reliable delivery service is second to none and has earned us a great reputation amongst landscaping companies across the UK. We use our own fleet of in-house delivery vehicles to deliver turf across Essex and Suffolk, so we can arrange delivery at a convenient time and location, with piggy-back forklift unloading at no extra cost. What’s more, you can rest assured that your turf will arrive as fresh as possible as we will harvest your turf the day before delivery.

Turf and topsoil 

We grow two varieties of turf – Premium Grade and Pro Sports Turf, both of which are available in conventional 1sqm rolls and also in big rolls of 20sqm. For the latter, we can provide the appropriate laying equipment so you can get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Our multi-purpose premium blended loam topsoil is easily levelled and raked, making it ideal for preparing the ground under new turf, building up borders, and improving the soil in any landscaping project. If you’re looking for a finer loam, our finest quality 6mm sandy loam is packed full of nutrients and perfect for enhancing drainage and helping turf to generate quickly.

Our soil improver is ideal for planting trees and shrubs, in herbaceous and bedding borders, and can also be used as a mulch. Packed with valuable micro-organisms, our soil improver is produced from composted biodegradable materials and will help to improve any deficiencies in soil structure.

How to buy turf and topsoil

For the best price on your turf and topsoil, give us a call on 01255 83032 and speak to a member of our team. Over the phone, we can give you the best price on our turf and topsoil, and organise fast delivery on site. We can often fulfil orders with next day delivery if you need turf and topsoil quickly.