To keep your lawn strong, healthy, and vibrant, one of the most important lawn care tasks is, quite simply, to mow the lawn. There are different rules on how often and at which height to cut your lawn at certain times of the year, however the rules are fairly flexible and are usually dependent on the weather. Find out how often you should mow the lawn in summer with tips on mowing from Paynes Turf.How often should I mow the lawn in summer? Paynes Turf

The weather in the UK can vary quite significantly from week to week during the summer months – going from a heat wave to severe flooding due to rainfall. With this in mind, there are no hard and fast rules on how often you should mow your lawn, as excesses in rainfall and heat will affect how often and when you should cut your lawn.

Generally speaking, when the weather is dry and very hot, growth will be very slow. Even so, mow your lawn at least every 2 weeks; raising the cutting height of the mower to ensure the grass is protected from drying out in the sun.

If moisture levels are good and the temperature average, mow once a week and keep the cutting height at around 4cm.

After excessive wet weather wait until the lawn is dry before you try to mow the lawn. Mowing grass when it is wet will not only damage the grass blades (tearing the blades instead of cutting them) but could also ruin the mower blades. If the grass is long, you will have to mow in stages to get the lawn back down to an acceptable height. Start by setting the blades at their highest setting, and then gradually reduce the height each time you cut.