As a turf and topsoil supplier we are often asked about topsoil – how much is required for a lawn, how to tell if a lawn needs more topsoil, and what topsoil is for.

Topsoil is essential for a healthy lawn. Topsoil is essentially the top layer of the soil, where everything grows, including grass. If the topsoil in your garden is very shallow, or you are creating a new lawn or replacing an old lawn, or you are making new garden beds or raised beds, top soil is precisely what you need. We offer a few different types of topsoil: Premium blended loam (ideal for most applications), soil improver (for adding much needed nutrients to soil that is depleted) and sandy loam (ideal for levelling out surfaces).

Do I need more topsoil?

If you’re building raised beds or terraces, you will definitely need to order topsoil in order to fill them in and ensure great growing of your plants.If you are laying new turf, you will also need topsoil.

Turf (and in fact most plants) need a depth of topsoil of approximately 15cm. This is so that grass roots have a lot of good quality growing medium to sink into.

To test how much topsoil is already in your lawn, use a garden fork. Simply push it into the soil and if the prongs go right into the earth, the soil should be deep enough. However, you may still want to add more topsoil to improve the quality of the soil – in fact, this is a very good idea as often the soil laid in gardens when they are built is not good quality, plus soil (just like any living material) uses nutrients over time.

To find out how much topsoil you need, simply use our topsoil calculator which is located on all of our topsoil pages. This will tell you exactly how much to order!