Toadstools and mushrooms, although unsightly, are ultimately the sign of a healthy lawn. Literally hundreds of mushroom-producing fungi exist in both new and old turf, and help to break down thatch whilst supplying the turf with valued nutrients. Most types of fungi are tiny and difficult to spot, however there are some types that, given the right weather conditions, appear as mushrooms and toadstools on the surface of your lawn. Find out how to get rid of toadstools in your lawn with advice from Paynes Turf.How to get rid of toadstools in your lawn Paynes Turf

During hot, humid conditions, some fungi will produce toadstools and can sometimes cause diseases in your lawn. However, if you see them appear in your lawn, don’t panic! They are naturally occurring on any lawn or grassy area and suggest that the lawn is healthy and strong!

If you have recently re-turfed your lawn and are concerned about the appearance of mushrooms in the turf, don’t worry – the process of harvesting, transporting and laying new turf sometimes encourages mushrooms to appear. This is completely normal and usually disappears after a couple of weeks or when the weather conditions change.

How to remove toadstools

While wearing gardening gloves, simply pick the toadstools by hand or brush them off with a broom. You could also just mow the grass as usual, collecting the mushrooms in your mower’s grass box. Reduce the amount of toadstools in your lawn by limiting the amount of fertiliser you apply during the spring and autumn, and remember to de-thatch on a regular basis.

As fungi are beneficial to lawns, there are currently no fungicides available to combat their appearance. Toadstools are temporary and will only usually appear when conditions are right for them.  Remember, although ugly, they will not damage the lawn – in fact they actually do much more good than harm!