Moles are rarely seen in the garden and are only ever detected by the molehills they leave behind on the lawn. They are often seen as one of the biggest pests in the garden, creating large pyramid shaped mounds of earth on the grass as they dig their system of underground tunnels. Find out how to get rid of moles in your garden with advice from Paynes Turf.

Moles feed on earthworms and other creatures in the soil, not on plants or grass as most people think, and any damage caused to lawns is usually a by-product of their appetite for digging tunnels! There are several steps lawn lovers can take to control moles, however none are particularly effective and often simply force the moles to move to another part of the garden.

How to get rid of moles Paynes Turf

Moles can be a nuisance when they leave piles of soil scattered across the lawn.


Live-capture traps are a humane way to catch moles and allow them to be released alive. The traps must be inspected at least twice a day to check for mole capture – if left unchecked the mole could dehydrate, starve, and suffer unnecessary stress. Captured moles should be released far away from the garden to ensure they don’t return, in an area where they can find food (and dig more tunnels!) easily.


Electronic products are also available to eradicate moles, and they work by sending out high pitched buzzing noises which scares the moles away, however the moles often just move to another part of the garden.

Organic approach

Some experts claim that the root of certain plants, such as Caper Spurge drives moles away. It’s always worth a try to use this plant in borders if you have a problem with moles, but make sure that the flower heads are removed before seeding occurs or you could end up with a big weed problem on your hands.

Expert help

If you have a serious problem with molehills a professional contractor can be hired to resolve the problem. Pellets are placed into the tunnels which emit toxic gases, eradicating the moles from that system of tunnels. However, as with most mole repellants, the moles simply dig more tunnels in another area of the garden.

As we have seen, there are several methods and treatments we can use to deter moles, but ultimately moles are very difficult to eradicate from the garden completely. Quite often, it’s best to learn to live with them, and simply repair any damage caused to the lawn as it happens.