Quick jobs for February
  • Keep an eye out for worm casts and sweep them away gently with a stiff broom.
  • Keep an eye out for moles. They’re particularly active now.
  • Be on the alert for lawn problems like snow mould (Fusarium patch)
Care and repair

Depending on how wet it’s been, and how well your soil drains, you may be looking at a slightly sad lawn right now. In winter, turf turns to mud all too quickly. If you’re keen to revive your lawn then your best bet at this time of year is to patch it up using turf, which can be laid throughout the year. If you prefer, you can wait until mid spring (around April) and sow grass seeds instead.

To patch your lawn with fresh turf you’ll need a couple of tools and our quality turf supplies.

Prepare the ground
  1. If you’re replacing a small area of lawn undercut the old turf with your spade and remove. For larger lawns, save your back and hire a turf cutter.Fab Feb Tips - Give your lawn some TLC Paynes Turf
  2. Turn over the soil beneath to a depth of about 15cm.
  3. Remove stones, weeds and roots. In a small patch it will be easier to do this by hand. For larger areas, consider hiring a powered rotavator to turn the soil.
  4. Place fresh topsoil over the ground and rake in. Tread on it gently with your feet to firm down the soil, and level any dips and mounds with your garden rake. Repeat treading and raking until the ground is level.
Lay your turf

Fab Feb Tips - Give your lawn some TLC Paynes Turf

  1. Lay down your first roll of turf along a straight edge and roll out away from you. If you’re patching/relaying a large area, use a board to kneel on.
  2. Keep laying the turf along the straight edge, making sure the edges between adjoining rolls are tight.
  3. Stagger the turf from row to row in a brickwork pattern
  4. Use a sharp knife or half moon edging iron to cut the end of each row.
  5. If you spot a dip, peel back the turf, fill the dip with topsoil and place the turf back down.
  6. Keep exposed edges of the turf moist to prevent them from drying out.

Get your supplies from us or from any of our stockists.