Being a company based in nature, environmental responsibility is so dear to us. Every day we are out in the fields, under the sky (whatever the weather!) and interacting with the Earth. Consequently, Paynes Turf is committed to innovating eco-friendly turf solutions as much as possible when it comes to turf production.

When it comes to water, a lot of turf growers are faced with somewhat of a conundrum as transporting water long distances or using only mains water are often the only options. At Paynes Turf, however, we took a more innovative stance, and made a significant financial investment in building a 10 acre reservoir in Great Bentley, Essex, which greatly reduced water consumption and transportation, uses natural water, and is capable of irrigating over 400 acres of Paynes Turf’s land.

The reservoir is a winter storage reservoir, so from the end of November to the beginning of March fills with naturally occurring run-off water which can be used whenever needed.

In addition to eco-benefits, the reservoir safeguards year-round turf production and ensures that Paynes’ quality standards are maintained whatever the weather. Constructed in partnership with a local farmer, the reservoir also supports farming in the community.

The excellent quality of soil in the South East makes for the premium quality turf that Paynes Turf grow and harvest, however the weather tends to be drier in the South East, meaning eco-friendly watering solutions are even more important.

Obtaining planning permission for reservoirs is notoriously difficult, however we went to exceptional lengths to ensure that theirs are built responsibly. We worked closely with the farmer and the authorities to ensure that the site exceeded the minimum standards set by building and environmental regulations.

The reservoir in Essex is the second to be built by Paynes Turf. Together, these reservoirs cater for half of the company’s production requirements.