Earthworm castings are in abundance on lawns at this time of year. Find out what they are, where they come from and how to deal with them, with expert advice from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

What are earthworm castings?

You’ve most likely noticed small mounds of wet, sticky earth sitting on the top of your lawn. These mounds are formed by earthworms which live in the ground throughout the year.

Where do they come from?

They are created when the worms excrete waste product above ground. Earthworms feed on organic matter already contained within the soil, such as dead plant material. When they ingest this material, a small amount of soil is ingested at the same time. Generally speaking worms normally excrete this waste product under the ground, however during times of wet weather, and subsequently wet soil, the worms travel up to the surface to excrete.

How to deal with earthworm castings

It’s important to remember that the presence of earthworms in your soil is a very good indication of a healthy lawn. Worms are essential for healthy growth and the overall health of a lawn, and provide essential nutrients to allow the grass to grow strong, green and thick. In addition, the worms aerate the soil so you don’t have to!

That said, the presence of numerous worm castings could become a problem.

To help prevent the production of too many worm casts, aerate your lawn. The soil will not become waterlogged, which means the worms won’t need to come to the surface to excrete. Find out how to aerate your lawn by clicking here.

Dried worm castings will simply brush away using a stiff broom.